About the artist

David Tyndall’s paintings capture the wear and tear of time and experience. From the rusty fender of an old farm truck to the patina of peeling paint on the weathered side of an old barn, Tyndall seeks out the details that provide the viewer with a glimpse into the past.

Growing up on Long Island in New York, David was close to the farmlands that now have become a central part of his imagery. His paintings seem to document a way of life that is quickly disappearing as development chokes out rural America. This simpler way of life is a relaxing escape from the hectic lifestyles of today!

After college in Indiana at Valparaiso University and an overseas study of European art and architecture in Cambridge England, David traveled throughout Europe collecting photographic images for future paintings.

He next honed his skills working as a technical illustrator and later a product illustrator before pursuing a full-time career as a painter.

An opportunity to work with international artist Jeff Koons on large scale photorealistic paintings brought Tyndall to New York City. From this vantage point, David spent many hours exploring the streets of Soho and lower Manhattan. Tyndall began painting old storefronts and vintage, turn of the century cast iron buildings. These images compliment his farm scenes with a similar depth of history. Wonderful architectural details and years of graffitti and posters combine in excitingly complicated paintings!

Interest in the history of the Old West and trips through out the region have inspired a new area for David to portray in his paintings. From historic saloons to abandoned Silver mines, the underlining history will be felt through the details!

David’s work can be found in many private collections across the country, the Caribbean and Europe. His studio is located in Michigan where he resides with his wife and 4 children.